Legal Assistant

Ms. Priscilla Cruz works as a Legal Assistant at Terra Immigration Partners. She assists our clients by ensuring constant communication with our attorneys and updating them on the status of their case.

In addition to having over 8 years of experience owning her own business in Brazil, Ms. Priscilla holds a degree in Advertisement from PUC-Rio. She has experience in the digital marketing industry and as an Executive Office Manager for a corporate employer. These experiences enhance her knowledge of business enterprises and corporate structure.

Ms. Priscilla Cruz is passionate about helping immigrants. She experienced the immigration process firsthand and understands our clients’ unique needs. She also enjoys working with clients of all different backgrounds. She is dedicated to helping our clients have a positive experience. Ms. Cruz is fluent in Portuguese, English, and speaks conversational Spanish. Mrs. Cruz’s education, knowledge, and years of experience are a vital part of the Terra Immigration team.

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Terra Immigration Partners - Immigration Lawyers In Orlando, Florida


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