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U.S. immigration law allows foreign nationals to obtain E-2 and L-1 investor’s visas or a green card through an EB-5 investment in the United States. Investors’ visas and a green card allows the investor and his or her family to live and work in the U.S. Foreign investors can take advantage of a stable U.S. economy to grow their wealth and prosperity. Foreign investors can renew their E-2 indefinitely. L-1 visas investors can eventually apply for a green card. EB-5 investors who obtain green cards can eventually apply for U.S. citizenship. You can also read more about investor visa options below.

Our immigration lawyers have years of experience with investment visas and can give you the guidance you need. We have helped many clients from all over the world to achieve their immigration goals. Our attorneys can work with you from the beginning of your case until you get your visa approved. We also speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese and can work with you in your language of choice.

If you have questions about investors’ visas, contact our office today. You will speak with an experienced immigration lawyer that can help you. We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Mohammed Siddiq
    Posted January 29, 2022 6:59 pm

    I would like to seek a free consultation on behalf of my friend currently residing in Dubai, UAE. He owns a business there and wishes to come to US under L1A visa for permanent residence status.
    Please advise date and time for consultation

    Mohammed Siddiq

  • Juan Esteban
    Posted April 22, 2022 3:53 pm

    I bought a —– company in —– last year. I tought that it was going to be easy to manage from here but its not, i cant go to live there because of my bussines here but my brother can go there and manage it. I did start an e2 procces with an attorney but unfortunately he got a family issue and told me that just can keep with the procces in about 4 months. I cant wait that longer. How much do u charge? Can u take the case right away?

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Terra Immigration Partners - Immigration lawyers in Orlando, Florida
Terra Immigration Partners - Immigration Lawyers In Orlando, Florida


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