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What I Need To Know About E2 Visa

An E2 visa allows foreign investors to live and work in the United States through a qualifying investment. Foreign investors can enjoy the benefits of a strong US economy while living in the country legally. The E2 visa is also a great option for investors with a wide range or capital to invest in their business.

If you are an investor looking to live and work in the US through an E2 business, you are probably seeking answers to your many questions. We know that you need the correct information before proceeding to turn your dream into a reality. Therefore, our E2 visa lawyer in Orlando has prepared this blog to answer your most frequently asked questions.

How much capital to I need to invest?

The general rule of thumb is that the amount must be substantial in relation to the costs of creating a new business or purchasing an existing one. The law does not define a minimal amount you must invest to qualify for an E2 visa. Instead, the government requires that you invest a “substantial amount.” To determine if your investment amount is substantial, the government will look at whether the amount you invested is adequate for the type of business you chose.

How many jobs do I need to create?

We recommend that your E2 visa business creates at least 3 new jobs. It is important that job creating is the overall theme of your enterprise. You can show that you plan to create these jobs through a business plan or by showing proof that you hired employees. Such proof can include W2s and tax returns.

What will be my job as the investor?

As the E2 visa investor, your job is to run the enterprise. You will work as a general manager of the business overseeing its operations. As the general manager, you are also in charge of implementing your business plan.

How long is the E2 Visa process?

It usually takes 15-60 days for the Embassy to interview the E2 visa applicant and issue the visa. The interview happens after the E2 visa applicant submits form DS-160 online and pays the visa fees. Investors should be aware that the time can vary depending on the Embassy.

Can the spouse of an E2 visa investor work?

Yes, the spouse of the E2 visa investor can work. Upon entering the US with the E2 visa, the spouse can apply for an Employment Authorization Document with USCIS. The applicant can work for any employer.

Can the children of an E2 visa investor attend school?

Yes, the children of the E2 visa investor can attend school. The children can attend both public school free or charge or private school. Qualifying children must be under 21 years of age and unmarried. In some states, children are also eligible for in-state tuition at state colleges and universities.

Can the investment capital be a gift?

Yes, the E2 visa investor can use capital from a gift to invest. Our E2 visa lawyer in Orlando can help you trace the funds of the investment capital to make sure it qualifies. This means that the government will need to see where your gift came from to make sure it is from a legitimate source.

Can the E2 visa investor buy an existing business?

Yes, the E2 visa investor can buy an existing business. Many investors find this much easier than starting a brand-new enterprise. The investor will have the opportunity to review the business financials before committing to the purchase. He or she can also choose to purchase a franchise.

What types of businesses qualify?

Qualifying businesses must have a physical location and offer either goods or services. Home businesses do not qualify. It is important that the business offers its employees a physical location to work. Our clients have purchased restaurants, opened a medical equipment business, offered cleaning services, opened construction companies, among others.

Does an E2 visa lead to a green card?

No, the E2 visa does not lead to a green card. The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa which means the “intent” of this visa is not to get permanent residency. However, there are ways in which E2 visa investors can change their E2 visa into a green card. You can read our blog here https://www.terralawyer.com/change-an-e2-visa-intogreen-card/ and learn more.

How long does the E2 visa last?

The E2 visa lasts for 5 years. You can apply for extensions indefinitely so long as your business is viable. However, the E2 visa investors and dependents can stay for a period of up to 2 years without leaving the US. You must make sure to make a note of your entry date recorded on your passport and leave the United States before the two-year date from that date, then come back to avoid overstaying.

How can an E2 visa lawyer in Orlando help me?

The attorneys at Terra Immigration Partners have helped dozens of investors achieve their dream of living and working in the United States. For example, we have helped a Brazilian national with Italian citizenship successfully apply for the E2 visa in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Another client with French nationality applied for the E2 visa in Cameroon. Our clients have also been from Spain, Turkey, Panama, Colombia, and Mexico, just to name a few.

We start by having a consultation with you to answer your questions and see if your business qualifies. Upon signing of a contract, you will receive an individualized list of documents that we need to work the case. Our lawyers will review every aspect of your application to make sure it complies with the legal standards. We can also work with your business broker, accountant, and other professionals to get your case done quickly. If you do not have a business broker or an accountant, do not worry. Our team has a network of professionals to help you through every step of the way.

Start the process by calling our office today. You can reach us at (407) 818-1244 or send us a WhatsApp message at (407) 476-8155. You can also send us an email at assistance@terralawyer.com. Our E2 visa lawyers in Orlando also speak Spanish and Portuguese.

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